Many Mansions

                                                 Act I, Scene i Music starts five minutes before curtain: a selection from Leonard Cohen’s “Dear Heather.” Lights rise on a spacious, but messy living room of a large country home. The furniture is plush, but showing age….
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The Lone Star League

By James Ralston   CHARACTERS:       Smoky: the Owls’ field manager, mid-70’s Marion Crawford: a beat reporter for the Laredo Times, late 30’s Juan Diego Gomez: a potential superstar, a Mexican, early 20’s Jack Dogg Donovan: a former Big Leaguer, late…
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35 Folds to the Moon

By James Ralston   CHARACTERS:       LILLIA KRAMER: An actress HENRY VERMONT: Lillia’s partner, a writer YOUNGER HENRY: in Silver City, New Mexico YOUNGER LILLIA: traveling through Silver City GABBY: A Silver City bar-tender ALBIERTO: An off Broadway theatre entrepreneur LORRAINE:…
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