Jim RalstonJames (Jim) Ralston lives on Rocky Gap Creek outside of Cumberland, Maryland, a post-industrial town trying to find its way. It’s also the setting of for his new book of poems, Lyrics for a Low Noon, recently released by Blue Light Press out of San Francisco, and soon to be available at Amazon.com. Ralston currently teaches English and Play Production at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College in Martinsburg, West Virginia. He has been writing columns, articles, and poetry for several decades; below is a listing of selected writings archived on jameslralston.com.

Charleston Gazette

09/11/91 Honest Work Nothing to Smirk At 02/19/93 Road Would Take Us the Wrong Way
10/17/91 Fall Brings a Clear Perspective 02/25/93 Don’t Expect Reform From Clinton
02/06/92 Harry Truman’s Racism is Typical 03/06/93 College Sportsmanship Fouls Out
03/18/92 Progress Makes a Mess of Nature 03/26/93 Psych 101 Class, Rat Lab Prove Helpful in Real Life
05/28/92 How Do You Say, ‘I Love You Dad’?” 03/26/93 Wake-Up Call of a Peak Experience
08/12/92 Katy Finds Freedom Is Fleeting 05/01/93 Get Up, Get Out and Get Healthy
09/04/92 Lessons From the High and Mighty 05/19/93 Has U.S.A. Become Insecure Bully?
09/10/92 A Refreshing Approach to Living 06/02/93 Highway Will Makes Us Road Kills
10/01/92 We’re Losing Touch With Nature 09/17/93 Finding Our Heart In ‘Primitive’ Culture
10/07/92 Candidates Ignore Bitter Truth 10/22/93 Mountain People Are a Rare Breed, and That’s Unfortunate
10/21/92 Those Who Cast the First Stone 11/19/93 Fast Food for Thought: World Becomes One Big America
11/04/92 The Best Things in Life Are Free 12/19/94 Does ‘Religious Left’ Even Exist to Wage Counterattack?
11/17/92 My Son and I Rough It On the Road 02/27/95 The Widening Gulfs that Separate Us
12/09/92 God’s Work Is Being Desecrated 11/22/95 A Fine Reason to Celebrate
01/21/93 Some Trouble Does a Person Good 01/24/00 A Roadside Change in Perspective
02/03/93 Popularity Just Killed Paradise

The Sun

January 1984
A Family Album
June 1986
US Section: Lost and Found
April 1988
US Section: Flirting
April 1994
A View of the Lake
April 1984
The Choice of Emptiness
July 1986
US Section: Voices
August 1988
Another New Advancement of Civilization
October 1994
Leaving Walden Pond
June 1984
US Section: Miracles
November 1986
Hard Labor: Thoreau and the Meaning Of Work
September 1988
US Section: Two Worlds
April 1997
US Section: Habits
April 1985
US Section: Turning Points
December 1986
US Section: Where I Am Now
October 1988
US Section: Signs and Symbols
January 1999
Come Rain or Shine: Twenty-five Years of The Sun
July 1985
US Section: Going to Sleep
January 1987
US Section: Broken Promises
May 1989
US Section: Breaking Up
March 2003
Don’t Come Crying Home to Me
August 1985
US Section: A Simpler Life
April 1987
US Section: Obstacles to Peace
November 1989
US Section: Dancing
July 2006
You’re In Here, Too
October 1985
US Section: My Happiest Moment
June 1987
US Section: Taking Risks
June 1990
On the First Anniversary of the Death of Our Love
October 2009
Confessions From a Conversion Van
February 1986
US Section: My Biggest Mistake
July 1987
US Section: What I Do Best
July 1991
Correspondence: James Hillman and “The Myth of Therapy”
September 2012
Low Noon
April 1986
US Section: Making Marriage Last
October 1987
Correspondence: David Schiffman and Acts of Courage
November 1991
US Section: Homecoming
November 2015
That Terrible Thoreau
May 1986
US Section: Guilt
March 1988
US Section: First Memory
April 1992
Balancing On the Wind



Refrain Summer, At Best My Husband, the Mobster
Come Live Alone With Me Playing Time The Dirty Work
Therefore Meg Men Dents
The Reptilian Part Born Once Clairvoyant
Then Vengence Is Mine A Yearning
The Little Flame Cutting Off My Inner Woman Power Lines
Love at Rest You Hear a Fly Fart When You Die Putting Baby to Bed
Among Carptenter Bees A Sparrow In the House The Renunciate


35 Folds to the Moon

Divine Madness

The Lone Star League

Many Mansions