You Hear a Fly Fart When You Die

You Hear a Fly Fart When You Die

Your first thought when You feel your heart
on fire is to Shove a Flick into the VCR.
Anything but This. The dying part. You
don’t Think about it, don’t give It power.

You mop the kitchen floor and wax
your truck And car. Maybe you are feeling
better. A little tightness in the Ribs. God
only knows Where the Little Woman is

on days you spend Apart, no questions asked.
No need to Panic yet. You read a blog online
on how to Drop ten Pounds of fat and not
be hungry. All else Failing, you try praying,

but unprepared to Pray in blood and sweat,
you Shriek instead “Dear God, Oh Shit!”
And that is when there Intervenes the Fly.
Then you Die and you’ve been dead since.


©James L. Ralston


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