Making Marriage Last

Marriage is a strange relationship, its essence be­ing the mutual possession of two people in the name of love. It never works; it never lasts. It either breaks apart or it suffocates within its own too-tight con­finement.

I strive to be open-minded on this subject, but of course the effort indicates that I am not. I just don’t trust anything that has to be sanctioned from the outside, formalized. I can’t imagine a marriage that sufficiently renews itself.

Thus, I look forward to the end of marriage as an important step in human emotional and social development. I look forward to the end of all emo­tionally entrenched and socially entrenched ways of thinking about relationships, as our founding fathers and mothers must have once looked forward to the end of monarchy.

It seems to me that no matter how we justify it, how we glorify and ennoble it, marriage is a trap. The bait is security disguised to look like love, and the game is the wild-animal-god-within-us. It is im­portant to remain single. It is important to resist this trap and suffer our love moment by moment without formalizations or outer definitions of any kind.

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